Brakophonic Studio - productions

Below can be seen some of the productions recorded and mastered at Brakophonic Studio.

"There's no such thing as a fretless guitar. You're bloody making it up. Get out."
- Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap, 1984.

Christy O'Leary & Bert Deivert - SONG'S SWEET CARESS

This is an Irish traditional music cd, and the first cd by a major Irish traditional artist to be totally recorded, produced, and released in Sweden.

Paban Das Baul & Jonny Wartel

"This is how to "do fusion." The Bengali and the Swede collude, collide and compose a unique and somtimes shocking new music, an east-meets-north variant that is sometimes brilliant, occasionally frustrating, but absolutely never boring." fRoots, UK

The "LITTLE NOISES" CD is an exciting collaborative effort by Marcia Pelletiere produced by Margaret Dorn, with superb contributions by the Accidentals and many other top-notch musicians.

David Härenstam Band - "What happened in Fremantle?" ORDER CD

David Härenstam Band - "What happened in Fremantle?" New record, recorded in; Wellington New Zeeland, South London Great Britain, Perth Australia, Stockholm Sweden and Vârmland (sic!).

Bert Deivert - "Takin's Sam's Advice?" ORDER CD

Bert Deivert - "Takin's Sam's Advice?" Critically acclaimed new cd by veteran bluesman and mandolin blues player Bert Deivert - read the reviews at his website

Tom Paley Beware Young Ladies - ORDER CD

Tom Paley - "Beware Young Ladies" Old timey American legend Tom paley and veteran bluesman Bert Deivert team up for a visit to their favorite music. An instant classic!


Covers of some other productions....

BAP ! -----------------Björn Olsson--------48 Roses---------48 Roses----------------ELope-----------Séamus- TCO ----Tallest Man On Earth

Krumbkrushers ---Krumbkrushers------ ---9YETI---------Stanza Maze EP------- Claes Nilsson----Bert Deivert -----Tallest Man On Earth


Spring in Paris ---Hederos och Hellberg--Kanzeon ---------Marcia Pelletiere------Tom Paley------ Björn Olsson------Krumbkrushers



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